Designer clothes for men

Even men today prefer to wear clothing of the highest quality from well-known fashion designers instead cheap stuff from the store. In addition, designer fashion does not necessarily cost three monthly salaries.

Luxury brands

Of course, Italian luxury brands such as Armani and Versace are timeless, but also German fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Wolfgang Joop have a good reputation worldwide. In the larger cities, most luxury brands have their own outlets. Who dares for the first time on the terrain designer fashion, definitely should go into the hands of an experienced consultant and seller and not blindly order a few parts from the Internet.

What part of the basic equipment of the men?

Should generally be at least a darker and a lighter suit in the wardrobe of the Lord of the world are to be brought to upscale occasions like parties and evening events from the cabinet. For every day, make the younger generation also fine shirts in combination to sloppy jacket and dark jeans well. However, here, of course, the look has to be right: A faded, baggy jeans and sneakers may only carry computer programmer under 30 for company meeting.

Everyone else should stick to very dark blue gem cut jeans that are worn with leather shoes. Who needs not daily perceive important business meeting, comes with a foundation of four to five shirts made good, at least one of which must be white.Who wants to make a good figure in designer fashion, should also pay attention to the matching accessories. Today is accepted to wear the shirt open, a tie and cufflinks.

Scarves hand, should rather be avoided if the person is under sixty and he is not from Italy.Many renowned designers also offer exclusively quality sweatshirts and sweaters, which may be an excellent solution for your fashion look. Made of premium cotton and carefully sewn, they they will not lose /after repeated washing/ neither colour nor form.

The quality casual clothing offer mainly American designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as the fashion trademark Abercrombie & Fitch.